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This is JANNA

A modern awareness coach centered around "Engagement" and Control

Why select JANNA personal coach?
JANNA will cheer you up

Janna personal coach is your positive reinforcement. It motivates you to be a safe and caring user of information!. Her tone is optimized for everybody's understanding.

Personal coach in your pocket

Janna personal coach creates a direct communication channel in the security program that can be used to keep all the participants enthusiastic during the whole process..​

JANNA is a business app

Businesses get the app for all their employees and stay current with a monthly subscription to the ever changing Janna content.

JANNA is cost effective

Janna personal coach replaces all your

  • Poster sessions,

  • Plenary sessions and

  • e-Learning sessions

for Information Security Awareness.

100 times 1 minute is better dan 1 time 100 minutes, especially for awareness!
More info? Contact us.
Motivate people to pay attention to information security

JANNA helps turning people into caring users of information

Questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call or send a us mail

Or would you rather have this:

  • Boring, uninspiring, and ineffective e-learning sessions

  • the obligatory plenary sessions, or

  • The "not to distinguish from wallpaper" posters in your building


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