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This is JANNA

A modern awareness platform centered around Engagement and Control

Why select the JANNA platform?

Thorough knowledge of awareness and behavioral change for InfoSec has turned JANNA into the platform that transforms your employees from infosec liabilities into safe and caring users of information.

Cyber criminals will look for other targets.......

Complete and easy

JANNA is a complete solution for managing behavioral change in the field of Information Security, based on modern information and communication technology and behavioral change methodologies.

Janna is a hosted service, so no need for upfront hardware and software investments..


JANNA is the only infosec tool that acts as a CONTROL. You determine the targets and JANNA will let you know how you are doing and where you possibly need to steer a bit.

Auditors and partners will be impressed with your grip on Information Security.


JANNA Personal Coach is a smartphone app that keeps your employees informed, educated, alert, and connected to information security. It is a perfect extension of the JANNA platform.

JANNA Personal Coach stands for engagement, even for Information Security 

Motivate people to pay attention to information security

JANNA helps turning people into caring users of information

Questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a mail
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