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JANNA for information security awareness and privacy protection
Easy accessible

JANNA is an easy accessible, online solution for awareness. The goal is to change behavior.


Everyone is in control over where and when they follow program elements. Therefore loss of productivity is minimized. On top of that, 100 times 1 minute is much better than 1 times 100 minutes, for awareness.


Janna behaves as your Personal Coach and keeps everybody straight with brief chats. Janna speaks common language, understandable by everyone.

Information security is unthinkable without awareness and behavioral chang
Social media and e-learning

The basis for behavioral change is a smart combination of modern e-learning techniques with social media techniques and a sophisticated campaign strategy. JANNA personal coach creates extra “engagement”.


Because of the fact that JANNA minimized productivity losses and performs better in the area of behavioral change, the ROI will be significantly better than with the classical programs based on plenary sessions, workshops or e-learning. Using the personal coach will improve efficiency.

Campaign strategy

Campaigns consist of a significant number of small sessions that everyone can take at their own pace and at times. JANNA contains sufficiënt management tools to make sure everyone participates. The personal coach is the central figure in the campaign mechanism.


The dialogue mechanisme creates that the users not only listen to the coach, but also interact with her. That helps to better digest the information and to change behavior easier. Janna’s “Jip and Janna” language makes it accessible for everybody.


With JANNA a permanent knowledge center is created where all questions, suggestions, and threat & incident reports related to information security can be collected. The easy language makes sure that Janna is accessible for everyone.

The numbers tell the tale

JANNA contains a number of measurement instruments that can provide clear insight in the changes in behavior of the employees in the organization. The measurements can be used to improve the grip of management on the improvement process for information security.

Motivate people to pay attention to information security and privacy protection

JANNA helps turning people into caring users of information

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