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Outsource InfoSec awareness to JANNA personal coach

JANNA personal coach takes care of all your infosec awareness needs. JANNA replaces all poster sessions, all information security e-learning, and all awareness workshops you had in mind.

The repetitive nature of JANNA’s brief chats assures efficient knowledge transfer and maximum awareness.


JANNA can react immediately when new threats occur or when you need to reach your employees for information security reasons.


JANNA can report on user’s behavior so that you can steer conversations and JANNA’s mode of operation in case the expected behavior is not triggered fast enough.

Contact us

If you have questions, suggestions or remarks, please give us a call, send us a mail or use the contact form below..

Bosfazant 20

5658CA Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Tel. Hans Jacobs: +31 644 16 77 01
Tel. Rein Denekamp: +31 651 36 76 75

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