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Our story

The Ciso4You team consists of senior consultants, interim managers and project managers. All experienced in IT, Organisational development, Change management and Project management. Our passion is the human element of Information Security. 

We want to provide organizations with the righjt instruments to turn their employees into caring and safe users of information.

Our vision

We strongly believe that Information Security is as much about people as it is about technology. 

Human error is a contributing factor in the overwhelming majority of all Information Security incidents.

We believe this can be resolved by applying proven methods for behavioral change to the special field of Information Security.

Our technology

JANNA is a complete solution for managing awareness, and more important, behavioral change in the field of Information Security. JANNA combines all necessary solution elements into an online platform based on modern information/communication

technology and behavioral change methodologies. Janna is a hosted service, so no need for upfront hardware and software investments..  

The partners

We assist organizations in gaining control over information security. Employees become caring users of information.

Hans Jacobs

Hans Jacobs


Hans is a seasoned senior manager with an international background in IT. Triggered by the observation that the technical content of Information Security is in conflict with the ability of management to actually steer the activities, he has shifted his focus to Information Security, over the last couple of years. He holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and Information Technology. Hans is an IRCA registered certificated ISO27000 (ISMS) auditor

Rein Denekamp

Rein Denekamp


Rein has held various international executive management positions. His focus is now on management consultancy, lecturing at executive education programs and various universities. Rein is a highly appreciated keynote speaker. He is associated with the University of Derby in the UK, Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the Rotterdam School of Management.


Ciso4you complements its specialization with a vivid network of partners in various areas. Cooperation can be on an ad hoc basis or can be prolonged, depending on the, often client specific, circumstances.

  • Technology (web/app/cloud technologies) Zzapps

  • Infosec (iso27000, infosec advice) EMCS-IT Services

  • Behavioral change (Organisational Behavior Management) ADRIBA

  • NCTV (Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid ): Alert Online

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